God is great & he has many ways of touching our hearts

I dedicated this Page to the people that God uses in my Life

There was a time when I felt Lost, alone, worthless, depressed, and very sad. I call it the bitter days of my journey, the journey that God knew but I did not, the lowest days of my life, when even being alive was very painful.

I am not living a perfect life, because we are far from perfection but i can say I have found perfection with Jehovah & Jesus Christ that died to set me free from the ways of this world, they give me Joy, and hope. I am more aware of my blessings, and I make sure I count them all the time specially on the days that I don't feel very well, after all I am still imperfect & sometimes have cloudy days that brings me down, but I have better days & I feel so loved and Blessed SmileHeart you made a difference!

today is January 15 of 2017, almost a year after my dark moments when all started, the anger, the stress, the loneliness, the pain, the anxiety, the feeling of not being worthy of Gods love, guilt, confusion, and when I shut down & broke down, it was just negativity, lots of death & sorrow, no hope or Faith... but today I am Up not because I lifted myself up, Not True. "God lifted Me Up", I cannot do anything alone, I tried my way and failed each time. What happened was that God allowed me to fall to my lowest, he allowed me to break because I needed to learn to love him, eeded spiritual growth, I needed to turn away from bad, depend on him & give myself to God, to trust him & build my faith again, that's how all happened;

He used people to be big part of my journey & transformation. Cool

You were the people that God used to show me his love for me, you allowed God to use you to encourage me, to lift me up, and to show me that God is Love & cares for me even when we feel lost and far away from him. I did get to know Jesus for who he really is my Lord & Savior, Jesus changed my Life, it is true he is the Light of the World, the Truth that sets us free from the darkness.

I first want to thank Michael B. because he supported me even when I was not the best person to be around he always saw the best in me, when I was giving up he spoke to me about God & Jesus, he prayed with me, he listened to my negativity,  when I did not make any sense & was angry he reminded me that we must be about love, he told me that God did not kick me out, that God loves me, & that I am a special person. As I am writing I tear up because God allowed him to brake down my walls.Thank you for being who you are and I pray to God in Jesus name that all goes well with you in your life. People encouraged me to be more just & kind, you motivated me to watch my words, to walk in Gods Love & to be about Love, like you say all the glory goes to God. Today I am close to my father again, I no longer resent those that hurt me, I will never forget what you have done... You are appreciated... but to God we pray and give all the Glory.

I also want to thank Theresa & Rick., They are more than clients, Theresa came in one day it was a very hard day for me she started to talk about God to me, she started to share her faith with me, but just so you understand how wonderful God is I for some reason asked her something about God & her answer was not just hers it was the holy spirit because she touched right where my brokenness was I cried while working on her, and till today I see you as a spiritual mother, a very wise woman, also you Rick thank you for your support and advises, you speak to me as a loving father would talk to his daughter, you guys are blessings to me, I appreciate you guys so much....

I want to thank you Julie K. for your Love  and support, you been a wonderful friend and mother as well, your story is very touchy, Julie and I met while she was loosing her husband due to Cancer, but she managed to encourage me, our massage sessions are like counseling, we share things, we open our hearts I sometimes feel bad but I am so grateful for having her in my life, you are full of light, wisdom, kind hearted, loving, strong, and full of energy, wow you are another blessing to me, I am blessed in many ways, thank you so much...

I want to thank Dorothy for being my mentor, we meet ones a week to talk about God, she is a gifted prayer. We met on a mentor & mentee meeting, from the moment that we met we just clicked, and we were selected with prayers to be a team, Dorothy you are a very wise woman your life is a story and you are not afraid to share, I appreciate you so much thank you for being the mentor that is teaching me how to be a better mom, woman, a Christian girlfriend and be a better woman of God, you have encouraged me so much, thank you I love to work with you and to be your mentee.

I want to give  Special thanks to Judy Murphy, Judy Thank you so much for being wonderful you have so much on your plate but you still always managed to give love, attention, treat me with kindness, you are very encouraging, you are an amazing woman and you family is just amazing.

I thank my family, my daughter Diviana Daniela, she is 10 only but always tells me how great I am, thank my mother for her love, my father, my siblings they are big part of me, no matter how close or how far I would be they are and will always be part of me and with me, my nieces & nephew for their love for me, thank you to all the people that pray for me, just because I did not write your name it does not mean you are not special to me because you are, I have prayer worriers that pray for me everyday, it gives me strength, God is good.

Special thanks to the wonderful father Jehovah God my Creator, to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ that did not give up on me, they always gave me signs that I was not alone but I was so blinded by the pain & no faith that I did not see their wonderful hands in everything that I did, they called my name many times to come rest on them, when I thought I was on my own I learned that I was wrong, I was never alone, I had them by my side, the Angels & the holy Spirit, I did not know how blessed I was, Since I have accepted Jesus Christ as my lord & savior my life has changed so much for better, I am still being worked on, still growing, still have lots to change, when we come from the world we come with broken parts, scratches, bad habit's, pain, and walls, but we have a really good repeated word father, he is amazing and he is love & faithful....

 Thank you all for your love & support, you are a light