How to be a Godly Woman & Godly Man?

I thought that being a Christian and a Godly woman was about having a kind Heart, I was wrong! To be a Christian is about our Attitude, Minds, Body, and Soul being aligned with God's will & Spirit.To walk everyday with Jesus & to fallow his foot steps. .. Our Life Style(Entertainment, Clothes, music, fellowship, how we handle ourselves in difficult situations, and to have a gentle quiet Spirit. To Speak with kind and wise words, homa makers, submissive, beautiful inside & out, listener, to have respect for her husband, good mother, God fearing. The main thing is Love; We must Love others & ourselves the some way that God Loves us, and make God the center of our Lives, see others & ourselves the way that God sees us. It's not about having a Religion, or a Title, is about allowing God to mold & shape us. Be willing to examine ourselves according to God's standards, Put God & his Kingdom first, and accept Jesus as our Savior & our King, we must accept that we have flaws and be humble enough to accept God's discipline, stay faithful to God even in times of pain.Treat people with Love & kindness, share the word & not just keep to ourselves, always wish the best, hope the best, be humble, and put other people interests before ours, I thought it was hard but we if we are determined to be a Godly woman & a Christian Woman we must stay away from situations that pull us away from God.

Attitude of Godly Woman

I really Love the Way she talks to us Women, and how she uses the Bible... It is nice to be able to say; I am a Godly Goal

It's never too late to Develope Godly Like Qualities

How do We Develop the Godly like Qualities? The first step is by recognizing that we lack them, how? We must get to know God, his Standards, his qualities, his will, so that we can build a strong relationship with him. How can we have a relationship with anyone without knowing them first? a relationship is based on trust, knowledge, communication, growth, friendship, and Love. The way to get to know God and to build a relationship with him is by reading his Word the "Bible", it takes time and dedication, we need to develop an intimate relationship. We communicate with him through prayers, with time we'll build trust and faith, especially after getting to know him and his wonderful qualities, the same qualities that with his help we also can have, if we allow him to mold us, Godly qualities make a big difference in our lives, for better!!!

The Benefits of having Godly qualities are countless; We'll experience many blessings, the biggest of them all is being able to have a close relationship with our father, have his approval, love, have our prayers answered, feel his hands and protection in our lives. imagine having peace with ourselves and ourselves, less drama, less stress, strong relationships, unity, to live in harmony, to be respected and loved, to be content, happy, free of guilt, free of anger, to be viewed s an example for others. Our lives will have more meaning and Value!!!

We must have the right Attitude & to be Humble; Pride & stubbornness are joy killer qualities, in order to have Godly qualities we must become humble, by being humble we will have an open mind and heart to receive the discipline from our father, he has the power to change anything that he desires, and he desires that we become like him, therefore he is willing to work with us, he wants us to be happy.

We can’t help people that don’t want to be helped, the some goes with God, he gave us free will, it's up to us to change our ways and have Godly qualities or to have physical qualities, Godly qualities with give us life, physical qualities will lead us to destruction, or death, but if we choose God he is willing to help us anytime, any day, he has the open door policy, come in anytime if you need to talk. He knows that because of our imperfections it’s not easy to change our personality, it takes a lot faith, dedication, trust, and faith. We’ll work hard to develop these qualities, but ones the work is done our life will be joyful & peaceful.

Attitude of Godly Men