We don't want to be a Burden on People

How do I Stop depending on People? Here is the Key

Well, first of all, you can never rely on someone else to make you (Me) happy. It is your responsibility to make yourself happy, how? God is happiness and brings us Joy, the first step is to go to God depend on him. No one can do it for you, it's about our attitude, it's a choice, we must allow God to change our lives, and we must change our mentality. Their are a lot of people out there that don't understand this, sometimes myself!  and the sooner you understand it the sooner you will be at peace with life. You need to find happyness in yourself, spend time on yourself, reflecting on who you are, (I am)you need to get things for yourself. The people in your life can bring you joy but only if you are happy with yourself first. You might want to consider some therapy, to get through some of the issues you have. Everybody can benifit from therapy, it's not just for crazy people anymore. It helps you sort through emotions and figure out what you really want. 

We will stop depend on people when from the moment that we learn to depend on God in every angle of our lives, from the moment that we understand that people also have their own lives, they also have their own burdens, but God wants us to give to him all that we have good or bad, we must build our self-worth, value, and confidence....Big GrinHeartThumbs up