Self-Love is Important

As I am seating on my break I can't stop thinking about how sometimes we just don’t Value Ourselves, we forget to appreciate Ourselves, that we also matter in this world. We become slaves of our own pain, fears, of our negative thoughts, and our past. We forget how Special and wonderful we Are. How can we Love ourselves & Appreciate ourselves again?

Think about a doormat; Everybody that comes into the house will wipe their shoes on it and move on, that is why we have doormats in front of our doors, to prevent people from bringing their dirty Shoes in our homes, but do we want to be treated as a doormat or the house that the people respect and keep their dirt outside? good question! Well sometimes we become like doormats, we put ourselves on the floor and say; "Step on me", that's all I am good for, I've little or no value, I am not good enough, I am not Special enough. hmm that didn't sound very good right?

We are as valuable as anyone else, you are Important, not a doormat!!! We forget the value of our, forget that we are as valuable as everybody else, we go through things, we make mistakes, we sometimes fail. We are told things that make us believe that we are less, inferior, and worthless, we believe these painful words especially if they come from people that should Lift Us Up, Love Us no matter what, Protect us, that’s why their words have so much power on us. It’s very important that We Stop and change our way of thinking for our own sake and Happiness. We do matter, we have high value, we are Special too, and We are the creation of God. Ask yourself if I don't love and appreciate myself who will? ENOUGH OF MISTREATING OURSELVES!!! I know We go through life periods, sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down, sometimes we are confident and sometimes we've doubts, sometimes we just don't know, No matter what we must Love ourselves, if you are having a hard time remembering, open the Word of God and hear what he thinks of you, he is the almighty!

Why should I love myself...?. Unknown Person says; When society thinks of me as a weak and inferior person. My parents make fun of me and laugh at me. My dad says that I'm scary (as in I'm easily intimidated by other people) and mocked the way I talk. I'm very soft spoken so I sound like I'm whispering when I talk to people. My mom basically called me a wimp to my face and both of them started laughing their asses off. My best friend thinks I'm a very strong person because I was severely bullied in elementary, middle, and high school and I was physically and emotionally abused by my parents all my life. I think of myself as a weakling, emotionally and physically. I think I am physically weak because I'm 5'5 and 115 pounds. I think I'm emotionally weak because I'm shy, quiet, timid, sensitive, emotional. I used to be suicidal and tried killing myself three times. I haven't cut myself in 8 months but I still have urges. I never acted on them. I don't think strong people have depression and cry uncontrollably every day like I do. Your thoughts? Do you think I'm strong? weak? mentally? physically? Wimp? Are my parents right?.  I wish I could hug You & tell you how Special & Strong you Are.

Wow right? Sometimes We don't realize how our Words & Actions can affect someone!

We never dislike or stop Loving ourselves just because, we don't stop Appreciating ourselves just because, we all have a reason why we feel certain way about who we are, the only way to fix it the problem, is to find the root and remove it from our Hearts and Mind, and finally Love ourselves and appreciate ourselves again.

Let’s think about some of the reasons why some people find it hard to Love & Appreciate themselves (ourselves)

  • Toxic Thoughts We need to pay attention to what We think & say about ourselves, thoughts become words, and words become actions, We are what We say. We need to Be kind, and Loving to ourselves.
  • Old memories of the past We need to Stop allowing our past to Define who We are, break free from all the old memories, appreciate who you are today, celebrate our Lives & to be Happy

  • Doubts/ Fear/ Lack of Faith Just because We were told that you can't do it, that we’re not good enough, We won’t stop trying, Do Not Give Up, especially on Yourself, motivate yourself, embrace yourself (it’s not Easy I know), but we need to have Faith God will make us Stronger  

  • Lack of Confidence In order to have self-love and respect, we need to boost our confidence, believe on ourselves, motivate ourselves, walk with our heads up and not down
  • Broken relationships with Parents Remember we want to Honor and Love our Parents, but sometimes we must cover our ears so their words don't become ours, cover our eyes so their actions don't become ours, and remember they are not perfect, they also make mistakes, and sometimes they can say things that can be painful, and hard on us.
  • Abuse Physical/Mental Physical & Mental abuse cause deep Scars, and the invisible Scars are more painful than the visual cause they scar our Souls. We need to be Stronger than the Abuser & choose to be Happy & remember that these Scars are a sign that We’re Fighters and not Losers!
  • High Expectations / Pride We try so hard to impress Ourselves and to have control of everything, that we become so hard on ourselves, we compare ourselves with others & feel as their life is way higher than ours and expect to be just where they are, our pride is so hurt that we feel as we are not as important, today we need to Stop being Hard on ourselves
  • Bullying Victim’s/ Rejection/ Pain People told us that we are not good enough to be part of their union/circle/ they reject us for whatever reason, Religious, school, Race, Social Status, etc. You're good enough.
  • Education/ Goals/ School Degrees Wish you had a better degree, a better position, a better Life?  Sometimes we just can't afford the Education that we wish for, remember that your diploma does not make you more or less important, you might make more money, or admired by some, but who We are on the inside is more important than anything else, you are WONDERFUL
  • Financial insecurity I sometimes wish I could do more for people, especially for the people that I Love, but I remember there are people in a worse situation than my situation, but sometimes it can affect the way we view ourselves. We must appreciate ourselves for who we are, and love ourselves for the person that we are

  • Body & Soul We pay so much attention to our flaws that we forget our Values, we forget our qualities, we need to see the best in us, instead of focusing on little details that don't make a difference and don’t matter
  • Love Love is a Beautiful thing, We can't experience full Love if we don’t know how to Love Ourselves, we can't appreciate Life if We can't appreciate ourselves, Love is a Beautiful thing, especially if it starts within us.

 It is never Late to learn how to Love, especially to Love Ourselves, to appreciate ourselves, Value Ourselves, and when we Learn how we will respect ourselves and  & Others. Self-Love will create a Shield around us, People are not going to Step on us, We will have a Voice, Confidence, Self-respect, We will treat ourselves with dignity, and will not allow anyone to treat us bad.

Having self-Love does not mean that we will Stop loving others, We never want to Stop Loving people or get tired of Loving, instead of being arrogant We want to surround ourselves with a lot of Love, treat others the way that we want to be treated, love, as God Loves Us!!!